You can’t speak in my town if I can’t dream in my house
You make your decision but I won’t be waiting in a bad religion
You break out the dark house

How bad do you want it?
How you gonna do what you say?
Four years in the forest
A man could lose his mind that way

One thing I know, you got to keep one foot in the shadows
Got to let go what’s over your head
It’s in your mind for the very first

Time you take what you’re given
Time you learn how to play the game
Whose house do we live in?

Open up the door and one the wall you’ll see I left something special for you.
Tell me what you see.
Crawl on down the hall and see the sky above you up where the roof should be.
It’s only time you knew.


Three times I came knocking,
what else could I do?
Through a window I looked
I saw you inside that room
On the wall there’s a clock
and it knows what you do
When it stops
That’s when you came alive

All awake now

How am I gonna get us through this
when my mind won’t slow down
All the times when my voice had no sound
you heard me call out all around loud

Nobody see it the way we see it.
No need to plead your case with me
I’m gonna run in the big direction
I’m gonna wait until I’m feeling complete

Three times I came knocking
The rest is untrue
In the morning
I was lost in my mind
Three times say goodbye
To the eyes I once knew
In the evening I’m seeing
Shot Big Horixon


You got the right sound
Rich enough to take em down
You breaking new doors
What you think you looking for?

Aren’t you ready?
Can’t you get into it?
I’m too fat and dumb
To get intimate

Hearts have turned, they’ve gone so far away
Hearts are identical
Hearts return to find it’s all the same
Art’s such a dirty word

Osirus, hear us over real land
Modern man describes, patently, mythology
Wanna be mingled how, minged when?
Lucinations cannot win.
(You go directly to the king)
VII century. Before we learn how to speak
(Who knows exactly what we need.)
Huge eyes, far head, resting bodiless.
Acres of hands
taking their land
Just because we can


In the forest
time was like an open cup
Force open handles
Find out how you open up

Don’t look at the sun
At the sight of

Somebody over the ocean
Sad old car put in motion
You find the gate is open
Say the code
Young and old
See the way the light holds

Somebody up on the hillside
Black crow boy keep on the good fight
You find the hate has all died
Say the code
Young and old
See the way the knife folds

See what you never have see
Don’t know what you want it to be
But it’s all right, on and on

Hear what you never have heard
Right here in a room full of words
But it’s all right on and on


Baby don’t lick your wounds clean
Need now be making your own dream
Three breaths til the light go green
These bones feel cold and heat

You gonna be a black crow boy
You gonna breathe out old joy
You gonna go play the game now three times over
You gonna breathe out old joy
You gonna let sky slide by
You gonna go play the game three times til you
Shot into the whole big horixon

It ain’t like old times
Nobody gonna tell you
wrong and right
Put up a good fight
When all the people tell you
day is night

Inside of me all delusions


Genghis on
Black Rain is daily gone
I don’t wait

We had the mind to sail for lifetimes
We had to stay up for it, pray up to it
To find the way to all of our homelands
We’re never wanting for more brave senators

Ain’t no way
You don’t change
Ain’t no way you’d lay down for
I don’t claim
I gotta get my Genghis on for a rain day gone with Davey

Aint no shame
You can’t say
Ain’t no shame in faking wars
I don’t change
I gotta get my Genghis on for a rain day gone with Davey

Why won’t you tell me the way you got this wrong?
Your just some daylight with all the edges dulled
Hey, there ain’t no lies left to make them cry
I don’t hide the razors in my life

Open the door with the naked eyes
On the floor you see it, the fat fat
But it ain’t what you see but the floor itself
That blinds you, binds you, rubs you dry

Halfway home


Far from the city you fall
You lost every image you lost them all
Tired of the city, you tired of never living too well

How to get back
How do I get back?
There is no safe path

How do I settle it now that I’ve ended it
How do I sleep now that I’ve ended it?

Lost in the middle you called out
You fought every minute, then chose to end it all
Mired in the finish you fired the shots that triggered the bell
They got your message, you were lost in your hell

How do I see now that I’ve ended it?


Keep it up
Don’t stop
Don’t lose your place

How you going to get your hands inside the real thing when you go and leave your mind sleeping?
Find a silver dog’s head, put it on your own head, see the people call you sad and lonely statue

Go out go free.
Run to the lighthouse
See what you’ve never seen

Time to light the fires, build ideas inside your home. Up on the rooftops, you see the people stirring
Time to understand your place in trees and buildings where the time to dream is almost over.

Know how to break out the dark house
You don’t have to stay around the old town that makes you think of the babysitter
You got no time left to play it slow
No home just baby go take three steps on the right road

No time to hold hands with old plans
You now have to be the one who knows when to build the home with the baby in it
Let all things drop or keep em every minute
No home just baby go take three steps on the right road


What you gonna do now that the game is over?
We aint taking turns, this time we taking over

This is the day we will try
Hoping all our bad past gone away
This is the day we will die

I got no love of blood and mud for fun
In the morning
Wake in the dark house
Let the dog out
Bow d-down down
I find the thunder underneath the sun
In the evening
Waiting to get out
Feel the black rain
Coming d-down down


Grow crow grow
Talk of what you saw
You grew the new cocoon


Impress You

In 2016, NewVillager will be releasing a new single and a 100 page book about the group’s art, mythology and writings, which will include contributions by Sheila Heti, Blake Butler and many other writers. Additionally, Ben and Ross are both working on individual musical projects. Visit Ross at and Ben at Write us and say hello at newvillager@gmail.comScreen shot 2012-09-29 at 11.16.53 AM


Upholder Game

In June 2012, at the Black and White Project Space in New York, NewVillager laid out an installation of 100 black, white, blue, red, and green household objects in a circle and performed the Upholder Game.

Images from our Human Resources installation in Chelsea

Ten Collages

NewVillager created 10 collages for an installation at Fredericks & Freiser in New York. All materials in the collages were initially used as research during the making of the album and mythology. The collages are for sale and can be purchased through the band at


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