>September-October 2008

>NewVillager Lunch: Chop a red potato, red pepper, yellow squash, and a few handfuls of spinach and kale into dime-sizes pieces. Heat a pan with olive oil. Drop the potato into the pan. It should fry a little. Sprinkle Cumin if you like. Drop the pepper into the pan. Drop the squash into the pan. Pour 1 and a half cups of soaked black beans into the pan. Sprinkle Cumin. (Half whole black beans and half a can of Vegetarian refried beans can also be nice.) Drop the spinach and kale into the pan. Add six flings of flax seeds. Let the whole thing simmer for a little while on medium heat. Remove from heat. Put the food into two bowls. Sprinkle cumin into a bag of organic corn tortilla chips. Shake it up. Crush three to four handfuls of the chips over each bowl. Pour your favorite salsa over the top. Squirt a wedge of a lime from Ben’s Grandma’s yard over the top. Serves Two.

icebox entrance:

upholder birthplace:

chemicals in the air:

moth trying to get in:


One response

  1. >I think you two are the musician version of me. Except you’re living my dream of living in the woods in moderate isolation. I just live in Iowa instead.

    February 19, 2009 at 11:11 pm

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