NewVillager interviews for Lithuania! Here.

Or if you aren’t a Baltic reader, in translation:

A Question list for NewVillager

NewVillager: MUSIC

You have just released the song “Lighthouse” with its brand new video. Does it reflect your point of view towards music (linking art, music, drawings, etc. together)?

Yes it does. We try to make everything as interconnected as possible. All the figures you see in the video connect with songs on the album and all the songs connect to symbols and the symbols connect to drawings and to photographs and collages. It’s a fun way to work. It can allow us to make art without having to make choices.

In one of the interviews you have said: “… we heard about something called the NewVillager mythology — our friend’s father told us about it — and that inspired us to write some new music“. So was it only the NewVillager’s mythology that inspired you to create a band? What is your mythology?

The mythology and music came about at the same time. We were both interested in mythic thinking and how that could apply to all kinds of art and has the ability to connect them. Pop music is especially good for mythic thinking because it gets a large idea out to a large group of people. So as we wrote the music, we began to see connections between songs and then we learned more about the NewVillager mythology until both the myth and art were formed together, like a snake around a vine. So the mythology is inside the music and the videos and art. You can see and hear it there. It’s a system of thinking about the way things transform. We try to look at all our art through that.

You said you‘ve recorded ten versions of each song for the upcoming album. How are you going to choose the best ones? Will there be a possibility to listen to those that would not get through to the album?

We didn’t choose these songs. We just kept writing versions until we felt that all the material for the song existed. Then, with all the versions, we combined, cut, collaged, pasted, reversed, misheard, smothered, built, destroyed, and created the final versions out of the other 9.

Have you ever considered your goals as a band? What are they?

To make art that has the possibility of communicating with people in all the meaningful, artistic ways we can think of to communicate.

What does music mean to you?


There are people who compare you with Sufjan Stevens, Passion Pit, etc. Who do you compare yourself with? What are your musical influences? What artists are you listening to?

Yesterday at rehearsal we listened to Konono no. 1, Kasai All stars, Miles Davis’s Live/Evil, Hamza El Din, Dirty Projectors, and Steve Reich. I can’t say those aren’t our main influences but they were yesterday’s influences.

When are you going to come up with a debut album? What will it sound like?

June 20th. Released by IAMSOUND and Columbia records. It will sound like ten stages of transformation moving around a reverse clock.

NewVillager: LIFETIME

What are your hobbies?

What makes you sad about the music and the industry?

Money. Always money.

If you were not NewVillager, what artist/band would you like to be?

Michael Jackson and/or The Beatles

The place of your dreams to have a gig?

Easter Island

Any plans to come to Europe?

Yes. Maybe in May. Not sure yet.

What do you know about Lithuania and all the Baltic Countries? (a first thought which comes to your mind?)

Ben Shahn, the Lithuanian artist, gave a series of lectures called The Shape of Content that get right to center of artistic thinking. They were published as a book recently. Check them out.

What could you say to people in Lithuania who read this interview!

Vienas dalykas, aš žinau: jūs turite laikyti vieną koją į šešėliai.



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