Prefix Interview

by Mike Burr

Read at Prefix here

Rock music has always lent itself to the creation of mythology. Whether it’s an apocryphal story of a sand shark or the carefully created origins of KISS’ make-up, musicians have sought to both become and construct characters audiences will find compelling. The Beatles transferred their narrative from music to film, and the Monkees were created wholesale and then rebelled in Head. Bands like Coheed and Cambria and even Insane Clown Posse have taken up the mantle in recent years, translating their stage personas into comics, elaborate videos, and features.

New York band New Villager is putting a new spin on this tradition, basing all of its various projects on the mono-myth of Joseph Campbell and the writings of Mircea Eliade. As New Villager creates its own myth with a dazzling series of live shows, videos, and art installations, Ross Simonini and Ben Bromley are also thinking deeply about what it means to tell these stories, both to the artist and the audience.  In the midst of New Villager’s fall tour, Simonini took some time to discuss the ideas that underpin the band, and how it functions as a multimedia project.


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