Upholder Game at Black and White Project Space

In June 2012, NewVillager  installed 100 objects  (green, blue, red, black, white) at Black and White gallery in Brooklyn, New York. A chart of the objects can be viewed HERE. To activate the space, they played The Upholder Game.


At Jack Hanley gallery

After the performance, December 2011


MachineDrum remixes Rich Doors

Travis Stewart (MachineDrum, Sepalcure) remixes NewVillager. Video uses alternate takes from RichDoors, a 30 person game performed in San Francisco in 2010.

At Dawn Kasper’s Human Resources show in Chelsea

NewVillager performed on July 19th, stretching their song “Say The Code” out in length – ten times its normal length – and space – instruments were separated through a maze of installations.  Human Resource, a Los Angeles gallery run buy Dawn Kasper, among others, held the show and NewVillager curated the evening: Yemenwed and Peter Sutherland screened films. MegaFortress and Natalie Elizabeth Weiss performed new music.

This Thursday


LightHouse (Narcisse Remix)